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MAKRA HELLAS – E. I. KERASIDIS has been active in Greece since 2003 and since then demonstrates a dynamic presence in the Automotive and Industrial activities in Greece and the Balkans.

It’s anthropocentric philosophy and ecological consciousness are at the heart of its activities.

It has a well-equipped and trained staff in Germany, which meets the needs of 3,000 customers in Greece and the Balkans.

MAKRA HELLAS – E. I. KERASIDIS offers economic and ecological solutions, thanks to its top-quality and environmentally friendly products.

It’s organized storage systems of high standards cover an area of 5.400m² throughout Greece, offering immediate service and consulting support to its customers.

MAKRA HELLAS – E. I. KERASIDIS is an example of healthy co-operation in the Automotive and Industrial field.

It is no coincidence that hundreds of dealers, independent car workshops, car companies, industries and organizations rely on MAKRA HELLAS – E. I. KERASIDIS every day, such as IOANNIDIS M. S.A. (MERCEDES-BENZ), SINIS S.A. (OPEL), THEOCHARAKIS NIK. I. S.A. (NISSAN), POLIS INCHCAPE (TOYOTA) S.A., OLYMPIC ETE S.A. (AVIS), SARACAKIS BROTHERS S.A. (HONDA – MITSUBISHI), HAITOGLOU BROS S.A., OLTH S.A., VIOKYT PACKAGING S.A.

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Why Choose MAKRA

The successful course of MAKRA HELLAS – E. I. KERASIDIS is based on the excellent quality of the products, their ecological composition, the immediate service as well as the technical support of its customers.

As a result of all the above, we have created long-term professional relationships with strong the element of trust.

Meet our products

Get acquainted with the products of MAKRA HELLAS – Ε. Ι. KERASIDIS!

With years of research in product design and production, the company MAKRA Germany manages to continuously pioneer in innovative ideas. By adapting its products to new eco-friendly, safe and legitimate roads, it provides the customer with the security and support he needs.

Besides, our duty is, from the beginning, to inform, support and guide the customer for a fast, correct and perfect outcome.

Using MAKRA products we protect ourselves from harmful substances, we acquire ecological awareness and we are certain that all the products comply with the Greek, European and Global Legislation.

MAKRA... this is chemistry!!!
MAKRA… da stimmt die Chemie!!!

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