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MAKRA HELLAS – E. I. KERASIDIS has been active in Greece since 2003 and since then demonstrates a dynamic presence in the automotive and industrial activities in Greece and the Balkans. Its anthropocentric philosophy and ecological consciousness are at the heart of its activities. It has a well-equipped and trained staff in Germany, which meets the needs of 3.500 customers in Greece and the Balkans. MAKRA HELLAS – E. I. KERASIDIS can offer economic and ecological solutions because of its top-quality and ecological products. Its organized storage systems of high standards cover an area of ​​2.150m² throughout Greece, offering high-speed services and advisory support to its customers.

MAKRA HELLAS – E. I. KERASIDIS is an example of healthy co-operation in the field of Automobile and the Industrial sector. It is no accident that hundreds of dealers, independent car workshops and car companies rely on MAKRA HELLAS – E. I. KERASIDIS every day, such as OPEL SINIS, SARACAKIS BROS, TOYOTA POLIS, MERCEDES M. IOANNIDIS, OLYMPIC (AVIS), AMPERIADIS BROS, SEAT NORTH HELLAS, MATECO HELLAS and the industry HAITOGLOU BROS.

Applying MAKRA products, during car care and assembling, results in the reduction of time throughout the whole procedure along with the excellent outcome ending in adding value. This fact describes exactly the concept of adding quality in the process of car caring and assembling.

Last Update:10/12/2019
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