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MAKRA HELLAS – E. I. KERASIDIS has been active in the Automobile and Food - Metal Industry since 2003. With focus on environmentally friendly products and in order to better serve its customers, the company has written a highly successful course. This successful course is also based on the long-term professional relationships that the company has established at its headquarters in Thessaloniki as well as in many other parts of Greece, but also in Cyprus, Fyrom and Bulgaria.

The German ecological and at the same time economic products of the company offer excellent quality and ease at work, respect the health of the customer and guarantee his safety in the workplace.

The continuous development of the products brought MAKRA HELLAS to the top of consumer preference in Northern Greece, giving it the 1st Prize for Most Popular Car Products.

Products certified with the highest rating criteria.

And with partners always by the customer’s side.

Βιομηχανία Τροφίμου

Βιομηχανία Τροφίμου

Χώροι Εστίασης - Γραφεία

Παιδικοί Σταθμοί - Εκπαιδευτήρια

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